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Remember that last post when I said I would come up with my own topics? I lied. Here’s another post I got from responding to a post on Engadget. Essentially the post was about how the next generation of consoles would. The author essentially was saying developers should make simplified versions of their games. But I don’t know. Seems to me we don’t need simple version of games… just simpler games. This post kind of expands on my last post as well, not only do simpler games save us hardcore gamers time, it can entice your other, non-gamer friends to join in.

My Engadget post follows.

“I don’t know if we need simplified versions of any game, we just need games that are fun, light-hearted, uncomplicated, and easy to play in small chunks.

My girlfriend, for example, isn’t against video games by any means but she doesn’t play them. Unless, that is, we play Puzzle Fighter or Katamari Damacy. Games that take a few minutes per round and quick to pick up. Any social setting I’ve ever played games with non-gamers is always with something that didn’t take persistence to get anywhere and just knowing the basics could get you moving. That’s usually a puzzle game, but I remember playing things like Goldeneye and Soul Caliber because a round was short and even if you didn’t know anything you could do some damage (and laugh at yourself for being so terrible). So maybe shorten up the games, focus on replay-ability, and don’t worry about making an epic every time.

Also, think about taking different tones with the games. How many games have you played lately that didn’t seem it was directly targeting that 18-24 year-old male demographic (with dark or xtreme type things) or fantasy geeks? Granted, I’m both of those demos so I appreciate the games but I understand why my girlfriend isn’t too into games when every hyped piece of software stars a sexy woman, a hard-boiled cop/spy/thug/vigilante, or a knight of some sort all trying to save the world from some great peril in gritty, dirty, dangerous places with low lighting. Perhaps something more light-hearted is in order.

And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… while you’re making that light-hearted, easy-to-pick-up-and-play, replayable, and fun social game, why not make it 20 bucks too? So while I’m at the store picking up the latest Metal Gear, I’ll pick up one or two of these fun, shorter games to play with my friends and family.

It’s kinda like movies… Sure, I have 2001: A Space Odyssey in my collection, but I think at my next party I’ll put Dodgeball in the DVD player. I wish I had a few more games like that.”

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