will somebody please think of the children…

Helen Lovejoy from the SimpsonsI haven’t dealt with good old Jack Thompson on this site because I kind of just dismiss him as an opportunistic nut and move on with my life. And now I won’t ever have to deal with him as Johnny Pi over at Design Synthesis has done a nice, little, beat down for us.

My opinion on this whole “Hot Coffee,” dangerous video game thing? A bit of political grandstanding whose only result will be making it real hard for me to vote for Hilary (or anyone else for that matter) in 2008.

That makes me wonder…. Surely the lawmakers are out to grab the votes of those parents looking for some help in protecting their children from the violent and sexy media, but do they know that a significant part of gamers are voting-age adults? Do they really want a generation of people going into that voting booth thinking, “if I vote for this person, they are going to be on CNN talking shit about GTA within a month.”

It also begs the question how long this grandstanding will be effective. Parents might be easily worried now about video games, because a lot of parents didn’t grow up with them. Soon, a lot more gamers will be having their own kids and they’ll have a better grasp of what’s appropriate for their children as they will be familiar with titles and ratings and will be more interested in playing the game too.

So what will these people do when the common response to their attacks will be, “Well, I don’t let my kid watch R-rated movies either. What’s your point?”

UPDATE: Seems that the House just sorta cares for the children as today they voted 355-21 to support an FTC probe into wether Take-Two and Rockstar deceived the ESRB. Thanks guys, now I have absolutely no one to vote for next year. (I say “sorta” because it’s not legally binding, it’s more of a suggestion.)

UPDATE 2: “Violent and Sexy Media” is going to be the tag line for my cable network…

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