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Sorry folks. Things have slowed down around here. You see I’ve been spending my time trying to get back into school and strangely enough they let me back in at UNC. Unfortunately they wouldn’t let me back into my old dorm room but they were gracious enough to let me attend some SILS classes if I don’t make too much of a fuss about it. So lately my life has revolved around finding jobs and other means of gathering cash so I can live in student poverty for the next two years. Also, I’ve complimented that with heavy drinking around various Carolina games because really that’s what higher education is all about.

But no worries, I have still found time to play games. Why just last week I managed to waste plenty of my life playing the dreadful Shadow the Hedgehog. The idea of on-the-fly allegiance to good or bad is an interesting idea… too bad the game is too frantic to let you make that decision. And could we please decide whether you want me to be fast, or to defeat as many enemies as possible, cause the two don’t really mesh well.

Luckily, I also picked up Need for Speed: Most Wanted from Gamefly which is a lot of fun although the AI of the cops and other racers can be a little spotty. Sometimes you’ll mess up and they’ll run a perfect rolling block on you, other times they’ll take a wrong turn for what looks like no reason. Odd. I also like the wide open levels. While you can just go to a menu screen and pick your next race, I prefer to just drive around the city and follow the map to the next challenge. Trying to get to your next destination while the cops are on the lookout for your best ride really enhances the experience.

So you see I’m not giving up on this blog yet. As long as I can still afford that Gamefly subscription (and if they can stop pissing me off… that’s for another entry) I’ll have something to talk about. Even if I’m just talking to myself…

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