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Claim IDOne of the major benefits of working at ibiblio and studying at UNC SILS is that you meet interesting people doing interesting things. Fred Stutzman is one of those interesting people. The interesting thing he’s working on right now, along with the equally interesting Terrell Russell, is called

Here’s the idea. After you’ve been roaming the net for while, you might end up with all these works that you’ve created or worked on, all in different spots. You link them from your own homepage, sure, but you want a way to really claim that they are works that you did or are about you. A single place where someone can visit and can confirm that, yes, you are the Dan Lucas that wrote that awful review of the awful movie “Alien Beach Party Massacre.” That’s what claimID is for – an easy way for you to keep track of what is yours and stuff that’s about you.

Neat stuff. I do wonder if it will really take off but I hope it will. Judge for yourself and ask to be a tester.

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