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Guitar Hero LogoYou. Yeah, you. What are you doing? Stop it. Do you have a Playstation 2? Do you like rock music AT ALL? Yeah? Then why the hell aren’t you playing Guitar Hero right the hell now? Seriously, go. NOW. Go to the store, buy this game, grab some beer and rock the hell out.

Why? All right fine. Awesome tracks from Black Sabbath to Jimi Hendrix to Franz Ferdinand to Boston – I could go on – grace the game. All great guitar songs. The learning curve is excellent with the easier levels grouping notes together and letting you use only three frets. The harder levels separate those sounds out and make you use more frets until your fingers catch on fire. It has perfect timing and I hear that playing with the mini-guitar mimics playing an actual guitar rather well (to the point where an actual guitarist wouldn’t have to start on the easier levels). I can’t vouch for this myself as I don’t play guitar but dammit, now I want to learn. It’s that much fun.

What I think makes this game so great as compared to other rhythm games is that you actually get a sense that you’re playing the song. When you miss a note, it doesn’t play. So you start really getting into hitting the right notes and cords. You worry less about getting a high score and more about just making the song sound right. And once you really nail the song, you start really getting into it. You’ll be tilting the guitar on longs notes, banging your head, and just having a good time.

Seriously, you have no idea what you’re missing. Yeah, I know it sounds ridiculous – jumping around like a mad man in front of your TV and playing a plastic guitar in time with classic rock songs. Well suck it up. It’s fun. Now get out of here dammit, and play.

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