Canes win the Cup!

Not quite exciting for me as UNC winning the NCAA basketball championship, but still pretty awesome. Ray Whitney agrees with me. So what does this mean? Is the Triangle (or at least Raleigh) a hockey town now? I hope so. This area gets shafted so much with all the big-time events going to Charlotte (they even took away the CIAA championships from us), so it’s nice to see that Raleigh got the first pro-sport championship for the state of North Carolina. I admit that I haven’t been the greatest fan overall. I’ve kept tabs on the team since their last Stanley Cup run a few years ago, but I’ve had a hard time paying attention since a few other sport seasons happen around the same time as them. But next season, I’ll definitely put the Canes on the same list as the Tarheels and the Panthers. I hope the Triangle will join me.

I just hope my liver can handle it.

What do you think of that Ray?

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