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There’s an interesting column in Esquire about the lack of video game critics in the industry. Note there is a big difference between a game reviewer and a game critic here. A reviewer simply tells how well the game looks, plays, etc. A critic aspires to tell you what a game means or, in the case of games, what it could mean.

I would love to be able to write something along the lines laid out in the article, but I fear my writing aren’t isn’t quite elite enough.

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3 Responses to video game critcism…

  1. Archivalist says:

    No, your writing aren’t. :)

  2. dan says:


  3. saleem says:

    Just pull the trigger and do it, dude. Remember last year when I sent out that post about the whole “New Games Journalism” thing? I want to read your take. Pull the trigger, yo.

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