I’m here at RedHat attending the illustrious unconference, BarCamp! It’s basically a conference where the attendees decide what will be presented or taught. Very informal but it somehow works. Throughout the day I may be updating this post with anything interesting I might learn….

Yes, I realize that this isn’t game related at all, but it’s something to blog about and this is the only blog I own.

- Best session so far (and we’re not halfway through the presentations): juggling.

- My first session: Google Web Toolkit… as I’m not a java programmer, most of it went over my head, but the crowd consensus felt that it was mostly an unknown or a toy. I thought it was fairly interesting.

- Second session: Sex and the Death of Advertising.

- Third session: Maim the Music Industry.

- Forth session: Intro to Ruby on Rails.

- Fifth session: Ajaxifying w/ Dojo.

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