metallica… are they new?

A friend sent me this comic earlier today. Funny stuff.

It occurred to me after reading it, that I do in fact have an inordinate amount of my musical knowledge from video games. While on vacation last week, I realized that the Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein pinball machine in the game room (it was an awesome house) played “Frankenstein” from the Edgar Winter Group and proudly told my whole family. Thanks Guitar Hero! I know of Motorhead from one of the Tony Hawk games. I’m pretty sure the first time I heard Jurassic 5 was on another Tony Hawk game. And so on and so forth. I’ve heard of more new bands and introduced to more classics in video games than if I just listened to traditional radio and MTV. (Freezepop on the other hand I heard first on Achewood.)

Between games, the Internet, Adult Swim and Quentin Tarantino movies, do we even need radio and MTV anymore?

It makes me wonder how many other good bands I would hear if we were a little more liberal with copyrights and file sharing. If content creators on YouTube could easily use the music from their favorite bands in their videos, how many new good bands would be discovered?

Just a thought.

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