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Goodbye Sploid…

Last week Sploid closed its doors. I’m not upset only because it was an entertaining take on news and managed a great balancing act between tabloid and real news. I’m also upset because I can no longer enjoy its great … Continue reading

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Google Life…

Google recently opened up their document editing webapp, Writely, to the general public. It’s in beta (of course) but it looks like they are pretty far along as I’ve already made a nice document with it and didn’t have much … Continue reading

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Snakes on crack…

My gawd. Folks, I had no expectations when I went to see Snakes on a Plane this evening. People were worried that it would not live up to the hype but I wasn’t worried about that. I didn’t even CARE … Continue reading

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my first print design…

You might not know this but I’m a web designer by trade. Though I was trained in (and have a degree in) multimedia design, I basically stayed away from anything print. Too much to know about colors and scales and … Continue reading

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pay for play…

Mentioned in this 1up article on Gamefest 2006 is Microsoft’s wish for microtransactions in XBox Live. One bit intrigues me: Another thing Microsoft intends to add to the Marketplace is the ability for vendors placed in videogames to allow gamers … Continue reading

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It’s a rare moment when Microsoft can get me excited about anything they do, but I have to admit that this XNA Game Studio Express looks pretty damn cool. A free platform to build PC games and, for a fee, … Continue reading

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