Google Life…

Google recently opened up their document editing webapp, Writely, to the general public. It’s in beta (of course) but it looks like they are pretty far along as I’ve already made a nice document with it and didn’t have much trouble. It worked so nicely in fact, that it gave me an idea.

You see, classes are about to start here in Chapel Hill and I wonder if webapps have gotten to the point where I could replace my office software with nothing but these online applications. So starting in a few days I will spend a month using the online tools and see how they effective they are in helping me get my work done — papers, organization, and number-crunching for research. Other work, like web design and development will still be done with my normal text and image editors, but I will attempt to organize that work with the same applications. Speaking of which, here are the apps I’m going to use.

Now you realize why I called this post Google Life.

Of course, there are other issues surrounding all this such as privacy and the sanity of keeping so much data on the web, but I won’t be addressing that. I’m only focusing on functionality. I’m really interested in seeing how this will effect collaboration with other students as my school likes to use a lot of group projects. Hopefully I can convince some of my classmates to use the collaboration features of these applications and I hope that I don’t mess up other people in their work.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Anupam Jain says:

    As Google continues to emerge as one of the biggest players in information revolution, I am surprised how it has changed my life in the recent years.

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