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The best way to use Google Maps. Beer Mapping.

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in awe…

Yes, that’s me with the Stanley Cup. See more here.

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Creative Fatal1ty Keyboard: Same Shit, Different Name – Gizmodo

I had forgotten about Fatal1ty after his initial press onslaught a while back in November last year. He’s the successful professional gamer that won the Cyberathlete Professional League World Tour (athlete?) last year and was profiled by 60 Minutes, of … Continue reading

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Jay is Games Casual Games Competition

Jay is Games, promoter of casual online games everywhere, had a casual games competition and they declared a winner yesterday. It’s a clever little game called Clack. Try to complete the puzzle by moving the rotating balls so they hit … Continue reading

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Boing Boing: PS3 doesn’t come with expensive wire

Interesting rant that starts off talking about the odd decision to not package the necessary HD cables with a machine that’s going to be touted as a HD system, but then moves on to how Sony pretty much hates it … Continue reading

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