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I’m not usually in the business of pimping TV shows, but I had to say something about Afro Samurai:

Go watch it.

Anime-style cartoon starring Samuel Jackson as a wandering samurai (wonder if he’s ronin… hmm) looking to avenge the killing of his father. He wears the headband of “Number 2″ (which apparently means he’s the only one who can kill whoever is wearing “Number 1″) and he has a huge, flowing afro.

Yeah, cliché story but like a Quentin Tarantino movie you’re really going more for the style than the story. Nicely animated with a soundtrack produced by Wu-Tang’s the RZA. If you can stand the fact that they are showing this on Spike TV then you should definitely give it a go. I’d say more, but it’s not like Spike is paying me or anything.

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