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I would have posted this sooner, but my Internet connection has been spotty. I haven’t spent a lot of time on campus lately so I can continue to recover from the itis. At the same time, Time Warner cut off my cable too early at my old apartment. Therefore, I’m pretty much without the net until Friday when they come to the new house and turn it on.

Anyway, Steve Jobs wrote up a piece about how the music industry needs to get rid of DRM. This pretty much confirms something I’ve always expected, that companies like Apple and Microsoft would just as soon have zero DRM if the various industries would allow them too. We spend a lot of time cursing the software and hardware makers for implementing DRM and we should probably continue to do so, but we should realize that they wouldn’t be able to sell all this music and movies at all without submitting something to the industries.

It’s nice to see Jobs challenging this a little bit and I hope other software makers (Bill?) do the same and perhaps we can finally get total control of our entertainment again.

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