NO death in the family…

not really, but I’m testing something hold on.

edit: Sorry, sorry. But you may have seen this page where you can put an rss feed onto lolcats. Simon Spero and I where trying to figure out if there was any logic behind the choosing or the pictures or was it just random, so we tried to trigger something with the word death. Not sure how I let Simon use my own blog to do that with, but so it goes.

Again my apologies.

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3 Responses to NO death in the family…

  1. JJB says:


  2. JJB says:

    I see. Phew.

    but– are there cat photos in their database related to death?

  3. dan says:

    Well before I changed the title to No Death they were using a black cat and now they are using a black and white cat. So… maybe.

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