Back from Maui…

All right, the wedding is done, the honeymoon is over and I’m ready to rock some web dev face. Just after I recover from the jet lag. Some notes from the trip…

  • Dallas/Ft. Worth airport rocks (though I hear you don’t want to be there during bad weather).
  • Phoenix airport sucks (future airport designers… design your airport so I don’t have to go through security again to catch a connecting flight and make sure transportation between terminals is obvious).
  • Whether heat is “dry” or not does not matter when it’s 107 degrees.
  • Starting from the east coast around noon and arriving in Maui around 10-11pm is perfect as you can just go to sleep and be use to Hawaii time by the time you wake up.
  • This does not work in the other direction.
  • Maui is gorgeous.
  • Maui is also expensive, especially orange juice
  • The food is delicious. If you go, check out Io for something expensive and Aloha Mixed Plate for something cheap. A friend of mine who got married and also went to Hawaii a couple of weeks before I did loved David Paul’s Lahaina Grill. All those places are in Lahaina in West Maui.
  • Best place I ate at in Makena (where I stayed)? The poolside bar and a grill on the side of the road called the Makena Grill. It’s hard to miss the second one. Just keep driving South until you see a big grill and a white board that quotes Tony Hawk as saying it was the best place to eat in Makena.
  • Worst place I ate at? The lounge in the hotel.
  • Pick up a good guide book. Dawne and I used Frommer’s.
  • If you want to be kinda remote, Makena, in south Maui, is pretty good. Lahaina is really the commercial tourist town and Kihei is a better family trip town (for the money).
  • Regardless of where you stay, you’ll be driving to visit everywhere else.
  • Drive The Road to Hana (Hana Highway). Absolutely gorgeous drive, beautiful sites, lots of curves, and you’ll be amazed that it took you three hours to drive 55 miles (that is if you don’t stop every ten minutes to see another site).
  • It’s freaky to stand in the middle of acre after acre of black lava rock.
  • Being able to sleep with the doors open is awesome.
  • Sitting on a beach and doing nothing is also awesome.
  • Myna birds that like to argue with each other at sunrise are not awesome.

Well that’s enough for now I suppose… lots more stuff to go over… lots of pics to show. Man I still wish I was there…

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