fantasy football is the debbil…

Why did I decide that it would be a good idea to play fantasy football this season? Watching the Kickoff Game of the NFL season may have been the first time I’ve ever been simultaneously angry and happy on one play. I have Payton Manning and Marvin Harrison. My opponent has Reggie Wayne. All three of them are on the same team. So you end up with situations where you’re glad your quarterback has just thrown a touchdown but, dammit, it was to the wrong receiver.

You can’t even root for a whole team, just certain members of a team! How does anyone keep their sanity during an entire season with stress like this? Why do we sports fans just love torturing ourselves? Gah!

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  1. Sports Chic says:

    We’re conditioned to do it. If we didn’t love the torture, we’d never watch Tar Heels basketball. And we’d certainly never watch Tar Heels football. I’d pick on Dook football, but I’ll lay off them since they actually won a game. Doh!

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