taking the late evening train to florida…

that’s not quite as catchy.

I am going down to southern Florida for a few days though and to save money (compared to flying) and sanity (compared to driving) Dawne and I are taking the train. I’ve got all my books and movies ready for the 19-hour long trip but it occurred to me that I would be even more content if I could just use my laptop for the whole trip.

Which made me wonder, do US passenger trains even have wifi? And if not, why? A quick google search reveals that people have been asking this question for years. There seems to be some Amtrak stations up in the Northeast that have T Mobile hotspots, but nothing on the trains. This boggles the mind. I know that the train business is in dire straits and all, but adding the ability to work while I sit on the train would make the decision between flying regionally or taking the train simple. Sure, you’d get to your destination faster on a plane (security hassles notwithstanding) but you’d be actually getting stuff done on a train. What busy business person wouldn’t take that opportunity? Sounds like a good way to draw some of those passengers away from the cheap-o airlines…

Regardless, I’m still taking my laptop with me on the train if for nothing else the abilities to watch a movie on something other than an ipod screen, but man I would love the chance to play online games for 19 hours…

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3 Responses to taking the late evening train to florida…

  1. Leidi says:

    Which train takes you to Florida? Please replay in an email.

  2. dan says:

    Reply in an email? Why not share it with everybody? On the east coast take the Silver Service or the Palmetto Amtrak train. Just take a regular seat and try not to travel on the weekends if you can help it. Much cheaper.

  3. Nancy says:

    I would like to find out if i could take a train from New York to

    I would like to know if if there’s a train from New York to Florida (west coast)


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