Editable Google Maps…

Now that’s interesting. Apparently you can now edit any business entry in Google maps. For example, these guys tried to change the web address of a local Republican Party office to fleshbot.com. Lovely.

To see recent edits, you can go here, but from what I can tell it’s just an unstoppable moving map showing each recent edit in order.

I really have no idea how they plan on stopping vandals from basically ruining their map. Wikipedia does it with a small army of dedicated folks who have good guidelines on how to deal with vandalism. Right now I don’t see anything like that on Google Maps. Guess everyone will have to keep an eye on their address to make sure it’s in the right spot (I already changed mine so that it actually points to my house instead of a block down the road). Businesses especially will have to keep a sharp eye out since anyone can change anything on the map, even the business’ name.

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