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well this is over.

Yearly updates aren’t going to cut it. Here’s some links to get out of here. – portfolio and soon to be more. – My tumblr blog which isn’t much more than the reproduction of twitter right now. … Continue reading

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Anniversary Post!

It’s been a year since my last post on this blog. Good times. I should destroy it.

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The Beta Band disagrees, Lenny Kravitz

Just a bit of silliness. Noticed while cleaning out duplicates in iTunes.

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kings of power 4 billion %

Almost two years ago I talked about Paul Robertson’s Pirate Baby’s Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006, an animated short made in the style of side-scrolling 2D fighter. Now you know that was chock full of ultra-violent awesomeness, but what if … Continue reading

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Editable Google Maps…

Now that’s interesting. Apparently you can now edit any business entry in Google maps. For example, these guys tried to change the web address of a local Republican Party office to Lovely. To see recent edits, you can go … Continue reading

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Radiohead and NIN music videos contests…

Well one of them is a contest anyway. A few days ago Trent Reznor of NIN got on the YouTube and asked the community to take music from their latest (Creative-Commons licensed) album and make a music video — … Continue reading

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dj spooky…

Can’t believe I haven’t posted this yet. That Subliminal Kid, DJ Spooky is coming to UNC (and Duke apparently) to give a demonstration and lecture. It’ll be in the Great Hall of the Carolina Union on February 8th, 3-5pm. And … Continue reading

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the library of congress is cool

They just placed 3,000+ images on Flickr copyright free (or at least have no known copyright). They want folks to tag there stuff (good old folksomonies) but for me it means I have even more photos to use on the … Continue reading

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This blog not inane enough for you? How about micro-blogging? You can see me over at

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taking the late evening train to florida…

that’s not quite as catchy. I am going down to southern Florida for a few days though and to save money (compared to flying) and sanity (compared to driving) Dawne and I are taking the train. I’ve got all my … Continue reading

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my gawd it’s real…

I expressed my doubts that the Uwe Boll directed Dungeon Siege film was real, but no: it most certainly exists. It even has a site and a trailer, though it’s missing Burt Reynolds. What it does have is a more-than-just-a-passing … Continue reading

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so you’re a business…

Saleem suggested a long time ago that I use this blog to share something I learned from SILS every week. I want to apologize to him, because that was a fantastic idea but I was too lazy to follow through. … Continue reading

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hi, this is a test…

I treat my blog as my own development sandbox. So you can ignore me sometimes… ˆîò

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safari and google stuffs…

I don’t know if it’s due to the recent update of Mac OS X.4 to 10.4.11 (which came with a non-beta version of Safari 3) or if it had something to do with the recoding of Gmail or both, but … Continue reading

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ibiblio redesign…

It’s up and running. I would consider it in beta as there’s plenty of code to clean up and some suggestions to take into account, but it’s about as ready as it’ll ever. Overall I’m pretty happy with it and … Continue reading

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bob young coming to unc…

Click the pic for a PDF of the image. Print it out and spread the word!

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fantasy football is the debbil…

Why did I decide that it would be a good idea to play fantasy football this season? Watching the Kickoff Game of the NFL season may have been the first time I’ve ever been simultaneously angry and happy on one … Continue reading

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oh, what the hell…

Here’s a new theme for the site. It’s by the guys at the studio. It’s called iTheme.

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w3c validator…

I noticed while working on the monthly front page that the w3c redesigned their HTML validator. Very nice.

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the entire reason for the internet…

is to make fun of comics.

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