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Which way…

My good friend Allen had the good fortune to have his really old, really demented flash game linked from both Kotaku and Game|Life. It’s a lot like the old Choose Your Own Adventure books of days past, except here you’re … Continue reading

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Creative Fatal1ty Keyboard: Same Shit, Different Name – Gizmodo

I had forgotten about Fatal1ty after his initial press onslaught a while back in November last year. He’s the successful professional gamer that won the Cyberathlete Professional League World Tour (athlete?) last year and was profiled by 60 Minutes, of … Continue reading

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Jay is Games Casual Games Competition

Jay is Games, promoter of casual online games everywhere, had a casual games competition and they declared a winner yesterday. It’s a clever little game called Clack. Try to complete the puzzle by moving the rotating balls so they hit … Continue reading

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Boing Boing: PS3 doesn’t come with expensive wire

Interesting rant that starts off talking about the odd decision to not package the necessary HD cables with a machine that’s going to be touted as a HD system, but then moves on to how Sony pretty much hates it … Continue reading

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pay for play…

Mentioned in this 1up article on Gamefest 2006 is Microsoft’s wish for microtransactions in XBox Live. One bit intrigues me: Another thing Microsoft intends to add to the Marketplace is the ability for vendors placed in videogames to allow gamers … Continue reading

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It’s a rare moment when Microsoft can get me excited about anything they do, but I have to admit that this XNA Game Studio Express looks pretty damn cool. A free platform to build PC games and, for a fee, … Continue reading

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video game critcism…

There’s an interesting column in Esquire about the lack of video game critics in the industry. Note there is a big difference between a game reviewer and a game critic here. A reviewer simply tells how well the game looks, … Continue reading

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playing this weekend…

Got a DS Lite, got some games from Netflix Gamefly,  and I’m set for the weekend. A quick list of what I’m playing. Brain Age – Picked this up for free thanks to a coupon (pdf file, coupon is still … Continue reading

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monday awesomeness…

Check out this awesome piece of artwork. Take equal parts of 2d fighters of yesteryear and pop culture (“You’re entering a world of pain!”), throw in tons of nasty gore, and a little bit of nudity (also nasty) and you … Continue reading

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open source gaming…

As this site is graciously hosted by ibiblio, a huge online library of free information (including software, music, art, literature… a lot of free stuff), I should probably talk about something free once in a while. So here’s something cool: … Continue reading

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dan, master of updates…

Sorry folks. Things have slowed down around here. You see I’ve been spending my time trying to get back into school and strangely enough they let me back in at UNC. Unfortunately they wouldn’t let me back into my old … Continue reading

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Murder simulators…

So you think games don’t train our youth to kill? Johnny Pi of Design Synthesis imagines a video game boot camp and pretty much concludes that you’re right. Funny stuff. Kinda sad too, but funny.

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Why wasn’t I informed…

What on earth is this? A Dungeon Siege film? Directed by Uwe Boll? Starring Burt Reynolds? What the hell, people? A 4.5 hour (split into two movies) fantasy epic directed by Uwe Boll and starring Burt Reynolds. Think about that … Continue reading

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will somebody please think of the children…

I haven’t dealt with good old Jack Thompson on this site because I kind of just dismiss him as an opportunistic nut and move on with my life. And now I won’t ever have to deal with him as Johnny … Continue reading

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boss hog (or how I learned to stop worrying and steal from myself)…

I’m posting another comment I made after a Joystiq post – “Death to Bosses”. The post was rant about how bad bosses are for games, how they kill gameplay, artificially lengthen games, etc. While I didn’t disagree entirely, I felt … Continue reading

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the voices in my head…

There’s been a lot of talk out there about voice actors getting some more money from working on games. Now we could argue all day about whether this is a good move for the industry and the consumers, but I … Continue reading

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more game time

Remember that last post when I said I would come up with my own topics? I lied. Here’s another post I got from responding to a post on Engadget. Essentially the post was about how the next generation of consoles … Continue reading

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game, time….

This is from a question (one day I’ll come up with my own post topics, I promise)… “I find it’s pretty difficult to experience all the games I want to play and still finish a game. The other day … Continue reading

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Devil May Cry 3 first impressions…

Jesus H. Christ, this game is hard. I made it to the second boss before I decided to switch to easy mode. I made it to the third boss when I realized the damn game is still hard as hell … Continue reading

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Going through some old stuff I realized I still had my Jeopardy-like game. I made it for a short job I had at UNC. I’m actually a little surprised by how much I knew back then (2001); pre-Flash MX even. … Continue reading

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