Description of the human hprt database and software


The most recent hprt database contains information on over 2,300 mutations found in vivo and in vitro in the human hprt gene and runs under Windows. The version for evaluation on this homepage has fewer mutations and is a DOS program.

The database contains information on the mutagen, dose, spontaneous and induced mutant fraction, base position, amino acid position, amino acid change, local DNA sequence, cell type, citation, and other items. In addition, information regarding the cause and effect of mutations affecting splicing is given.

The database itself is in the dBASE format.


Routines have been developed for the analysis of single base substitutions, including programs to:

  • (i) determine if two mutational spectra are different
  • (ii) determine if mutations show a DNA strand bias
  • (iii) determine the frequency of transitions and transversions
  • (iv) examine the number of mutations and mutable sites in each exon
  • (v) display the number and kind of mutations observed at each base in the coding region
  • (vi) perform nearest neighbor analysis
  • (vii) display mutable amino acids in the hprt protein.
  • The software runs only on IBM-compatible PCs.


    The latest version of the database and software is now available on a subscription basis. However, an older version is present at this site for evaluation. The new version of the software runs under Microsoft Windows.

    For more information about the new version please send EMAIL note to:

    Neal Cariello (

    You can download an older version of the hprt database and software for evaluation.


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