Description of the transgenic - bacterial lacI database and software



The lacI database contains information on over 1700 mutations found in vivo in the transgenic lacI gene and on nearly 8000 mutations in the lacI gene in native E. coli. The database was updated in January 1998.

A paper describing the database and software can be found in Environ Mol Mutagen, vol 28, pages 397-404, 1996.

The database contains information on the mutagen, dose, organ, mutant fraction, base position, amino acid position, amino acid change, local DNA sequence, citation, and other items.

The database itself is in the dBASE format.


Routines have been developed for the analysis of single base substitutions, including programs to:

  • (i) determine if two mutational spectra are different
  • (ii) determine if mutations show a DNA strand bias
  • (iii) determine the frequency of transitions and transversions
  • (iv) display the number and kind of mutations observed at each base
  • (v) perform nearest neighbor analysis
  • (vi) display mutable amino acids in the lacI protein.
  • (vii) view the 3D protein structure using RasMol (very cool).
  • The software runs only on IBM-compatible PCs running Microsoft Windows.


    You can download the database and software.


    1. Cariello NF and Gorelick NJ. Database and software for the analysis of mutations at the lacI gene in both transgenic rodents and bacteria. Environ Mol Mutagen, vol 28, pages 397-404, 1996.