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 In the USA, a Masters athlete is one who has reached forty years of age. A Sub Master is an athlete who is 30 years up through 39 years old. Sub Masters divisions are common in Masters track & field meets but the terminology of Sub Masters is less often used in road racing. All competition is divided by gender and five year age divisions.

Masters road racing and track & field are governed through the USATF Masters Track & Field and the Long Distanc Running Committees. National road race Championships are held throughout the year in various US locations. An Indoor Masters track & field championship meet is held every year in a major US city and an even larger outdoor meet is held every summer.

The 1996 Indoor meet will take place in Greensboro, North Carolina on March 29 through the 31st. The Outdoor meet will take place in Spokane Washington on August 15 through the 18th.

Common to other countries is the designation of Veterans which also refers to individuals who are forty years of age and older. In world competition, the term Veteran is used. The World Association of Veteran Athletes (WAVA) is the worldwide governing body of Masters (Veteran) track and field, road racing, cross country and race walking.

Every two years, a WAVA meet is held in an international city where veteran athletes from around the world gather to compete in all of the track and field events, cross country and marathon.

In 1995 the WAVA meet was held in Buffalo, New York, USA. Durbin, South Africa will host the 1997 meet and Gateshead, England will host the 1999 meet.

In 1996 the Canadian National Masters Championship will take place in Victoria, British Columbia on August 10-11, the USATF National Masters Championship will take place a week later (August 15 - 18) in Spokane Washington, and the following week (August 21 - 24), the North American WAVA Championship will be held in Eugene Oregon. This careful planning by the three groups involved assures that Masters athletes will be able to compete in three major meets in the course of three weekends over one fortnight, given the close proximity of the three locations.

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