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Cross Country Meet Scoring Software
Currently available for Windows 3.1
What does CCScore do?
   CCScore provides the user with the ability to quickly enter the 
   results for cross country races of up to 100 teams and 250 runners.  
   Team scores and results are immediately displayed or printed with the 
   click of a button.
      - Define teams entered in the meet.
      - Easy entry of runners, times, and their teams.
      - Quick access to current team scores at any time (provides
        full vs partial team scores and full team only scores).
      - Quick access to individual team results.
      - Parameters describing scoring, race length, etc. may be
        easily modified.
      - Pace times for all runners are calculated and displayed.
      - Printouts of results are easily available for posting.
   Future releases will add:
      - Graphic views of progress by individual and by team.
      - Individual standings within a team based on historical
        best times.
      - Replay of meets based on best times.
System Requirements:
     Windows 3.1, 200K RAM/Hard Disk
     (Macintosh, DOS versions are not currently available - let us
     know if you're interested in either).
     CCScore is currently a Shareware application and is available
     for $5 (to cover shipping & handling).  If you find CCScore to be 
     useful, we are asking for a $39.00 contribution to cover 
     registration, notification of updates, etc.
To receive a copy of CCScore, mail your request to:
          Niguel Software
          11 Taylor Place
          Laguna Niguel,  CA  92677
   Be sure to include:
      $5.00 to cover shipping/handling plus your name, address, phone 
      number, and whether 5.25" or 3.5" diskette.
For a brochure with screen shots and more detailed descriptions 
send a request either to the above address or e-mail to: