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SporTRAC Fitness & Nutrition is a sport training tool for athletes of all 
abilities.  Whether you are a competitive athlete or serious fitness enthusiast,
planning and monitoring your workouts and nutrition are essential for 
reaching your fitness goals.  
Unlike other fitness software products, which make a variety of 
generalizations about athletes and how they should train, SporTRAC 
recognizes that training is an individual accomplishment.  SporTRAC gives 
you detailed information concerning both your WORKOUT and NUTRITION.  
SporTRAC supports over 60 sporting activities and contains over 2300 food 
items and 39 nutrients.  SporTRAC provides you with the information that lets 
you take control of your fitness training.  
What can you do with SporTRAC?
Enter training schedules easily with SporTRAC's exclusive Auto-scheduler 
and Training Plan scheduler.  Print graphs, reports and plans.  Plan diets, 
evaluate your meals nutritional content.  Schedule workouts.  Log data 
critical to your fitness plans and much more.
A planned training program can do wonders to help athletes reach their 
fitness goals.  In fact, most athletes and coaches say a planned training 
program is the only way to reach your fitness goals. SporTRAC gives you 
the opportunity to plan your training completely.  The power of your home 
PC allows SporTRAC to give you many of the same training and analysis 
tools used by professional athletes.  You may not be a professional athlete,
but that doesnt mean you cant train like one.
Heart Rates, Wind Direction and Speed, Out & Back Rides, Point to Point 
Rides, Drafting (1,2,3,4 or packs), bike styles (aero, mountain, cruiser), 
elevation...all effect your caloric expenditure.  SporTRAC tracks them all 
and calculates energy expenditure accordingly.
Hills, Grades, Heart Rates, Splits, Intervals.  SporTRAC insures that you 
have correct information about your diet, nutrients and variables that 
effect your daily workout.  SporTRAC allows detail, custom analysis of all 
your workouts and meals
Weight Training?
SporTRAC prints your gym workouts in the order that you planned them.  
The report is designed to be taken into the gym and used during your 
workout as a guide.  SporTRAC also breaks out each exercise by major 
muscle group and allows you to calculate caloric expenditure based on 
weight lifted for that muscle group, per exercise.  Used in conjunction with 
SporTRAC's metabolic adjustment and food database, you will quickly be 
able to establish a reliable total ( not just an estimation based on time and 
body weight ) of  how many kcals you burn during a workout. 
Other Activities?
SporTRAC comes with over 60 sporting activities, with specific modules for 
runners, cyclists, swimmers and weight trainers.
SporTRAC works on  386 or greater machines with 8 mb RAM.
SporTRAC is Microsoft Windows Compatible and retails for $39.95 plus 
shipping and handling.
Any questions you might have?, please call Information Workshop, Inc. 
at 800-823-9776. 

Submission Date: 18 October 95
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