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Athlete's Database

Athlete's Database is a software training log for IBM/IBM compatible 
computers that lets you record and analyze daily exercise performance.
It provides a clean, mouse-driven graphical user interface that makes it 
fast, simple, and easy to use, and its perfect for running, jogging, walking, 
swimming, rollerblading, and aerobics.  

Use Athlete's Database to accurately monitor daily progress and isolate 
factors that increase or decrease your performance.  Maintain a daily log of 
distance, time, temperature, heart rate, weight, calories, water consumed, 
hours slept, difficulty, comments, and more.  Record both training days and 
competition days.  

Athlete's Database was designed to be fast and easy to use.  Data is entered 
by "page" into a logbook.  Push-buttons let you flip forward or backward 
through pages to view information previously stored.  Simple line graphs, bar 
graphs, area fill graphs, moving averages, and a statistics page let you 
analyze long and short term trends, experiment, make predictions, and 
discover new ways to improve.  A 42-key multi-function calculator lets you 
convert between Metric and English, a large pop-up digital timer lets you 
check your heart rate before and after workouts, a full screen calendar 
displays log book data for any month, and a report utility can be used to 
generate ASCII data reports.  Graphs, charts, calendars, and reports can also 
be printed.

A summary of the features that make Athlete's Database unique are listed 


- Full graphic interface and mouse support. 
- Convert between English and Metric.
- Record competition and training days. 
- Monitor performance on several graphs.
- Analyze data on a 42 key multi-function pop-up calculator. 
- View data on a monthly calendar.
- Calculate minimums, maximums, averages and totals. 
- Print graphs, charts, calendars and reports.
- Store data for multiple users.


- One 3.5 inch disk (5.25 inch disks available). 
- 40 page illustrated user manual.


- IBM/IBM compatible.
- 400K RAM, 286 or better, EGA graphics.

A demo is available by mail for $5.00 or from the FTP 
          site below.
             FTP SITE :  ""
             DIRECTORY:  "pub/MSDOS_UPLOADS/exercise" 
             FILE NAME:  ""

A packaged, shrink-wrapped copy of Athlete's Database is $25.00.
(this price includes postage and handling).  Software will be mailed 
immediately.  Please send check or money order to the address below.  

Edward Greenwood
13 Elysian Drive
Andover, MA 01810


Submission Date: 30 September 95
Updated: 2 December 95
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