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Finish Line (Running Journal)

The Finish Line (Running Journal)

Computer Connections Plus

This software was designed with two overriding criterion:  1) 
affordability and 2) ease-of-use.  You be the judge, but here at Computer 
Connections Plus, we feel that we have succeeded.  We are so confident 
that you will like our software that we are extending a money back 
guarantee - no questions asked.  If by 30 days after receiving the 
software, you decide it doesn't meet your needs, simply notify us and 
we'll refund your $15.95.  Otherwise, go ahead and make our day - point 
and click your way to the easiest, fastest way to keeping a running 

Program Requirements:
Microprocessor:  80386 or higher
RAM:  8MB (Minimum)
Hard Disk:  A hard disk is required - You need at least 8MB of free disk 
Video Monitor:  EGA or higher.  CGA video cars are not supported.
Microsoft Windows:  3.1 or Windows 95

Calendar - Easy pop-up calendar entry mode.  If you click on a date that 
you have already logged, that date's details will be brought to the 
screen.  This feature also allows you to scroll from day to day, month to 
month, or year to year.
Time of Day - (AM/PM)  allows the user to log two runs per date.
Miles -- may be input according to the user's desire for precision, up to 
6 decimals.
Time - input in  "hours:minutes:seconds" format.
Course - add to or delete courses  from our generic list - then enjoy  the
"drop-down list" ease of selecting a course each day.
Temperature - may be input in Fahrenheit or Celsius and averages ( by 
week, month, quarter, and year) will be calculated on the journal reports.
Heart rate - tracks heart-rates daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.
Type of Workout - Use our predefined types or create your own.
Comments - This field allows up to 240 characters - allowing a sizable 
description of the day's run.  
Pace - As soon as  mileage and time are input, times for the mile, 5K, 5 
mile, 10K, half-marathon, and  marathon are displayed on screen.
Set Mileage Goals - Provides the user the opportunity to define current 
mileage goals by week, month, and year.  Actual mileage  totals are 
compared with goals, and a "percentage of goal" calculation is updated on 
The "Clear & Save Year's Data" button saves the current year's data to a 
paradox table format which can be imported into most spreadsheet and 
database softwares.  The data is saved and is cumulative from year to year.

The following reports are available by a click of the button from the 
report page.
Journal - Daily running journal summarized by week, with totals and 
averages for mileage, times, mile-pace, temperature, and heart-rates.  
Also prints courses, work-out types, and comments.
PR - Best times listed in descending order for all distances.
Mth-Qtr-Yr - Same as journal - only has totals for month, quarter, and 
Races - Recap of races - times, pace, comments, etc.
Mileage - Bar graph of miles ran per day (Graph for each month)
Race Pace - Horizontal bar graph of mile pace for races.
Mile Pace - Line graph of mile pace (Graph for each month)

Ordering Information
To place an order, give us a call at (800) 718-6740 or send us e-mail at  Visa and Mastercards accepted.  Priced at only  
$15.95, you can't afford not to have "The Finish Line" in your home!

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