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		       Version 3.0,  January 1995
			    Scott Diamond

What is This Program?
RunStat3 is a Windows program which runners may find useful.  The main
window  for the program is a  pace calculator.  You enter the distance
and time for your run and then RunStat3  calculates your pace for your
run  and finishing times  for a large set  of distances and times. For
example, if you ran a 10k run, RunStat3 would list finishing times for
1 mile, 5k,  10k, 1/2 marathon, marathon,  etc (you can  also add your
own  custom  entries as well).   Two listing  for finishing  times are
presented, one based  on running  at constant  pace  and a 'realistic'
estimate which accounts for slowing your pace the longer you run.

RunStat3 also supports   an ascii logbook  in  which users can keep  a
record of all their runs.  RunStat3 includes a searching, plotting and
statistics calculator so  that you can search your  log book  and plot
all your times for a given course, or total your mileage for each pair
of shoes or make other plots.  There is almost  no limit to the number
of entries you can place in your log file for  tracking your runs (e.g
temperature, weight, avg. heart rate, course, shoes, etc.)

RunStat3  has a large helpfile which  explains the  use of the program
and which also contains additional  information which runners may find
useful.  Included  in the help  file is  a listing  of world  records,
weight loss  information, internet   running  info and   the  complete
rec.running faq file.

System Requirements
This  program runs under Microsoft Windows  3.1 and requires  a VGA or
better display. When installed the program  occupies about 1.5 megs of
space on a hard disk.

RunStat is FreeWare

Where can I get a copy?
The program is available via anonymous ftp. 

Simtel and mirrors  
	ftp to: 	
	file location:	/SimTel/win3/calc/

CICA and mirrors    
	ftp to:
	file location:	/pub/pc/win3/misc/ 

If would prefer it if you get a copy  from one of  the above sites. If
you cannot get a copy from the internet I can mail  you the program on
a 3.5 floppy  disc. Mail me $5.00 to  the address below and I'll  mail
you back the floppy.

Additional Questions?
I can be reached at:

            Scott Diamond, Cathy Dicker and the DDFH
         Tigger, Stanley, Salem and Orange Monster (our cats)
                     6620  SW Hyland Way
                  Beaverton OR, 97008-5035
                      (503) 643-6779
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