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Personal Bests

A list of personal bests(records) was started by Scott McCamish (Scott McCamish) on the rec.running USENET newsgroup. Brian Rush <rush@eggneb.astro.ucla.edu> volunteered to compile the list and he still maintains it. Click here to see it.

Exercise Trails Network

Run on and on in any of 130 cities in the U.S., with maps from the Exercise Trails Network. The American Running and Fitness Association has been collecting maps of favorite running and exercise trails from members and others. The maps share insider info about such favorite trails as the L.A. Leggers training route in Santa Monica, Ca., with descriptions of landmarks, terrain and mileage. Contributing a map entitles even non-members to a free map in exchange-or send $1 for a map to 4405 East west Highway, Suite 405, Bethesda, Md. 20814. For a list of cities in the network, call 301-913-9517 or 800-776-2732.

Information provided to me by Bruce W. Goodlock <bwg@tenet.edu>. *

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