Searching for the "blue bird" (glider :)

We can use random initial clusters to find oscillators and gliders. Choose big enough grid (since glider dies at the boundary) or use periodic boundary conditions. Set "Delay" = 100. Reset random cluster if all balls die. I've got stable and oscillating structures for R = (5 5 5 4), (6 6 6 3), (7 7 7 3) ... But I didn't find glider.

Press & Drag mouse to rotate a life form.
Press Enter to set new parameters values from the text fields. You can choose any grid size N. The applet will restore the initial "ooo" structure when you change N.
Selector Periodic turns on/off periodic boundary conditions.
Press the Set button to set your own initial "life form". A blue ball will turn into a red one if you click it by mouse and vice versa (you need to hit into the center of a red ball).

a new ball will appear if the number of neighbors (Sum) is equal or more than r1 and equal or less than r2.
a ball will die if the Sum is more than r3 or less than r4.

3D Game of Life
updated 23 Nov 2000