MoleculeViewer applets

A James Gosling's Java applet (7.7kb only!) from JDK for viewing of 3D Molecules and Crystals models. The applet has no "real" 3D engine because it does not use Z-buffering. It uses the fact, that image of an atom (a sphere) is not changed if we rotated it due to "atom" spherical symmetry. Therefore we need only to sort atoms (point objects) with respect to the depth before drawing. Unfortunately we can not use lengthy objects (lines or planes) without Z-buffer. I think in simple cases we can consider interatomic bonds as point objects and we can use complex atoms with bonds too.

Drag the mouse to rotate model.

Original James Gosling's applet does not use perspective projection but it decreases sizes of deeper atoms. It is very useful for molecule visualization but in I removed (see the right window below) this "faulse" perspective (different atoms rows gather in different "infinity" points in the left window) for large lattices. And the applet with fixed size of atoms is much faster too. It works fine for 5x5x5 lattices on my home Pentium133 + Windows95. can use atoms with different radii (see below). Free sourses

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Real Crystals lattices
Close packed lattices
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3D Crystals models
updated 27 October 2000