Real Crystal lattices

NaCl (KCl, MgO, BaO, CaO, SrO)
NaCl lattice consists of two FCC sublattices. The Cl sublattice (yellow balls) is displaced by [1/2,0,0] relative to the Na sublattice (blue balls).

GaAs (ZnS, InAs, InP, AlAs, CdTe, HgTe)
GaAs lattice consists of two FCC sublattices displaced by [1/4,1/4,1/4]

Si (diamond, Ge)
The diamond lattice is similar to the GaAs one but is made of atoms of one kind.

SrTiO3 (CaTiO3)

YBa2Cu3O7 is a high temperature superconductive crystal (Tc = 93oK). Y are red, Ba - blue, Cu - yellow and O are white balls.

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updated 27 October 2000