Sp1,2 r φ sm sn pet age lines

Use your fingers or mouse to control model. Use mouse wheel to zoom it. In the right window use mouse wheel to animate flower (change its "age"). Drag slpine control points to control flower shape.

Simple Lathe flowers

Fantasy flowers

Red flower


Yellow flower


Random flower

Fire flower

A simple animated Flower fantasy demo. I have not much time to add fog, particles, complex dynamics...

Flowers with per vertex colors

We need 3-frames animation to make more accurate blossoming (with sepals). I think that 2-frames are enough to begin experiments with shapes, colors and lights.

Fire flower

Apple tree flower
, var. 2

Aster flower

Daisy flower
, var. 2

Saw tooth flower

Saw tooth 2 flower

Procedural Lathe flowers 2     updated 24 Mar 2017