Use your fingers or mouse to control model (hold shift key or use mouse wheel to zoom it).

Spline blades. Adaptive LOD

Blade edges are two Bezier spline curves (with 3 control points). Every curve is adaptively approximated by N points
    N = min(3 + floor(-15/Z), 20),
where Z is the distance to the bush. N is shown to the right. 20 plants with N = 3..22 are prepared in advance on CPU. One more example.
1. Hope blades are smooth enough under zooming (rather complicated algorithm is used to get smooth moving Fractal terrains).
2. I'd like to use adaptive spline subdivision on GPU directly for many different plants (i.e. tessellation shaders, WebGL 3.1 with AEP, WebGL NG... :)
Contents     updated 21 Feb 2015