Universal 3D Globe

Tiny Globe PROTO (2kb) maps rectangular Mercator projection Jpeg file on sphere (click the globe to make 360o rotation).

The big USGS Earth (253kb), Venus (46kb) and Mars (150kb). I like Jupiter (115kb) and it's satellites Io (31kb), Callisto (434kb), Europa (329kb), Ganymede (200kb). Images from Maps of the Solar System by David Seal are used.

If you didn't install VRML plugin yet try these four models (powered by Blaxxun3D Java applet 64kb + 17kb wrl + photo): Jupiter (115kb), the Earth (70kb), Mars (150kb) and the Moon (70kb).

Paul Bourke sent me kindly photos for two more globes

Earth (70kb)

Moon (70kb)

A script for Saturn rings. You can make easy your own globe. Just insert your photo.

updated 6 Apr 2006