3D gallery (Java based)

Toru Miyazawa (Toucan VRML Museum) allowed me kindly to show you this amazing model.
Luehdorfia puziloi     (HimeGifuF.wrl 74kb wrl + 35kb textures)
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The user is able to rotate the displayed object simply with dragging the mouse into the desired direction. He can also zoom in and out by holding down the ctrl-key and dragging the mouse back and forth (he can use arrow keys too).
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Red rose Cartoon elephant Fractal tree
Glade Animated caterpillar Shrek head
Animated dolphin Maze Klein bottle
NaCl unit cell NaCl crystal Close packing
GaAs unit cell GaAs crystal Ethanol molecule

Virtual Insects by Alexei Sharov
Grasshopper (190kb wrl) Mantis (100kb wrl) Spider (50kb wrl)
Beetle (100kb wrl) Ant (60kb wrl) Mosquito (90kb wrl)
Wasp (90kb wrl) Fly (130kb wrl) Termite (190kb wrl)

Models from www.baffolobill.com (unfortunately I don't know the authors)
Scorpion (70kb wrl) Shrimp (50kb wrl) Elephant (100kb wrl)

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WebGL Demos

Note: All my own models are free for any use   Evgeny Demidov

updated 9 Feb 2008