delay framerate:fps
r1 r2 r3 r4
Use your fingers or mouse to control the model (hold shift key or use mouse wheel to zoom it). Canvas is matched to your browser window.

3D Glider on a 643 grid. 3D Game of Life rules are programmed as (Sum - is the sum of the 26 nearest neighbors)

   if ( (L == 0) && ((Sum ≥ r1) && (Sum ≤ r2)) ) L=1;
   if ( (L == 1) && ((Sum > r3) || (Sum < r4)) ) L=0;
Compute shader uses 3D r32i textures. texture(samp3d, pos3d).r function is used for REPEAT clamp mode.

Thanks to Qin Jiajia from Intel for help.

Simulations on GPU     updated 3 Feb 2019