Xo Yo delay fps
Use your fingers or mouse to control the model (hold shift key or use mouse wheel to zoom it). Canvas is matched to your browser window. -0.8 ≤ Xo,Yo ≤ 0.8.
Linear waves. A CPU based simulation of the wave equation
    t2u = Δu ,     u|t=0 = exp(-(r - ro)2/ a2).
Simple explicit scheme on a 250x250 grid. GPU makes graphics only. My 2.4 GHz Core2 is surprisingly fast (~60 fps) in FF4b8.
You see dynamics of a Gaussian wave packet. It is evident for linear waves that to make u = 0 at a boundary one can use a symmetric negative imaginary source. For a square membrane these sources make an infinite lattice. Therefore we see interference pattern of circular waves made by these imaginary sources.

HTML5 (no WebGL) 2D example with 500x500 grid.

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