Elemental Linux Server

Known bugs and deficiencies

The following is a very simple tracking list for things to be fixed in the next release.

ELS Hydrogen

Problem: help file (help.html) is missing a closing html tag that causes formatting problems in the section on setting up IP networking.
Workaround: download an updated help file from http://www.ibiblio.org/elemental/help.html

Problem: kernel config file lacks bug fixes for CMD640 and RZ1000 IDE chipsets.
Workaround: people with these chipsets should compile a custom kernel after the initial installation is complete.

Problem: symbolic links for bzcmp, bzegrep, bzfgrep and bzless point to the non-existent files.
Workaround: manually delete links and point them to bzdiff, bzgrep, bzgrep znd bzmore, respectively. An updated bzip2 package is also available.

Problem: root filesystem fills up when doing large downloads with Lynx
Workaround: add LYNX_TEMP_SPACE=/var/tmp; export LYNX_TEMP_SPACE to /etc/profile.