It's Elvis!

When he was eleven, Gladys, his mother, bought him a thirteen dollar guitar...
And when he was thirteen, she bought him an eleven dollar guitar.

Elvis didn't want to sing in the movies...
More than anything else, Elvis wanted to be a movie actor.

Elvis made thirty movies...
They all made money.

"A Presely picture is the only sure thing in showbusiness"
Hal Willis, Movie Producer

Jesse Garon Presely, his twin brother died at childbirth
Thus proving that no one could follow the King.

Elvis longed to model his acting career and life after James Dean...
While Dean lost his life in a fiery car crash dying instantly, Elvis lost his while sitting in the bathroom and slowly slipped out of a body that could take no more abuse.

In June1994 ,Lisa Marie Presely married Michael Jackson...
Elvis would be rolling over in his grave if he wasn't alive and bagging groceries in Mississippi.

Recommended Elvis Reading

(All books written by caring relatives. )

"Elvis My Brother, an Intimate Family Memoir of Life with the King"
St. Martin Press, 185 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York 10010 1989. Written by Billy Staley, his cousin

"Are You Lonesome Tonight: The Untold Story (Until Now) of Elvis Presely's One True Love and the Child He Never Knew"
Villard Books, New York, New York 10072 1987. Written by Lucy de Barbin and Dary Matera, his child?

"The Boy who would be King, An Intimate Portrait of the King"
Penguin Books USA Inc., 375 Hudson St., New York, New York 10014. Written by Earl Greenwood, his cousin

The Elvis Family Tree

As the joke goes, "You know you're from the South when your family tree doesn't fork." And although Elvis is from the South, his tree forks in many directions.

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