The Web After Hours

By, Bill Mann

Press Release

The World Wide Web is a world wide playground. There are hundreds of fun,
interesting, unusual, or just plain weird sites out there. The Web After
Hours is the fast and fun guide to finding the best after-hours sites--a
high-density directory of cool hangouts.

Published by Prima, The Web After Hours hits the store shelves in the 
middle of December. "It's a great gift for anyone getting an Internet 
account for Christmas," says Bill Mann, author of the 300+ page book.

Here's a list of some of the after-hours activities you'll find in The 
Web After Hours: games, food & drink, art & music, TV & movies, comics &
literature, hobbies, psychics & skeptics. The author visited multiple 
sites for each activity, and brought back detailed descriptions, including 
screen shots of the pages. You'll quickly find the best sites for you.

The Web After Hours covers a broad range of sites to ensure you'll find
something interesting. Once you find one site you like, it'll usually 
lead you to others, but Mann takes no chances. The Appendix has a massive 
list of nearly 100 specialized Web indexes covering every subject in the 
book. If you want more on a particular subject than you can find in the 
text, the indexes will lead you to what you want.

The Web After Hours (ISBN 0-7615-0377-3) sells for $21.95. It's available
just about anywhere you can buy computer books, or you can order direct 
from the publisher at 916-632-4400.

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