Elvis in the machine

Tiny Elvis comments on the size of your MS Windows and cursor.

The Elvis Detector will detect the presence of The King in or near your MS Windows.

The Elvis Decoder Ring (v. 99) allows you and another Elvis devotee to send secret messages via your Macs that only The King can decode.

An animated Elvis cursor for MS Windows - with an extraterrestrial twist (the read_me file tells you how to install it).

A Windows screen saver where the Elvis stamp sings The King's hits.

Another Windows screen saver - this one's got 20 images of Elvis & transition effects

Search for Elvis in Space - an adventure game for Windows

The King's Companion V. 3.0 is a Windows 3.0/3.1/95 application that helps you organize your Elvis memorabilia collection. [unavailable right now]

Yet another Elvis screen saver for Windows - I just got this self-extracting file and haven't checked it out myself yet [download at your own risk!]

Play the card game Hearts with Rex, the world's worst Elvis impersonator by downloading the following:

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