Some more of what some of you have had to say about The King...

I could sense Elvis at the Grateful Dead Show in Tampa the other day. It may have been the kool-aid, I'm still not sure.

You're all wrong. He works at a fish & chip shop down the Bay (Glenelg) in Adelaide, Australia - Naturally.

swm, 36, seeks woman who likes Elvis music and warm places.

Elvis is alive and well in Geneseo, NY and he works at a local gas station on the corner of Court Street and Wadsworth Street. On the side, he also sells used furniture including a lime-green couch that we bought from him. BUT BEWARE... he also has a large dog named Cujo.


I think that Elvis is the best. I am from India and to your suprise I have been listening to elvis since I was two years old. My only regret is that i did not have a chance to see him live

Old Elvis deserves a lot more respect than he gets -not to take anything away from Young Elvis. Burning Love is the greatest rock & roll song of all time. Dead or alive, the King is immortal.

I have a weakness for chops and wrap-around, Newtonesque sunglasses. In that order. Anyone seen my one-piece jumpsuit?

ELVIS IS ALIVE!!! He's working at a 7-11 in wisconsin with Hitler and Amelia Earhart.

Nuts, but cool.

I think it's great to have ELVIS in the internet! I'm a member of OEPFC (Official Elvis Presely Fan Club) of Finland, and keeping ELVIS's memory alive is a damn good thing to do. Thanks!

This is great!!! I can't think of a better way to spend waiting for class. I mean I can, I am not a complete no life. But the King rules

got married by him in Vegas. Happily ever after, I might add.

I'm a former tour guide of Graceland. Am enjoying this home page VERY much. Thank You!

I'm all shook up!? I'm allowed to say right(?) that or will I get sued for it? Glad to see this place is back on-line. Awhile ago I heard of this place and soon typed out the http well gee it had been sent out the door with no jailhouse rock to be sung. Soon after I read I believe in Wired mag that it was taken off for legal matters. I was not a happy hound-dog. I believe this homepage to be like the flame to start the wildfires with the discussion of copyright rights and the fabled laws behind them. This is a different age now time to live it and adjust to it. Anyways, live long Elvis and the homepage.

Elvis may live, but thank God he stopped making movies. I'm strong, but there's only so much I can take.

It was fun to see that: 1. I am not the most crazy living being of the earth. 2. Other people than me have stupid hobby.

Thanks, nice place - interesting server! Best regards from Vienna!

The King, to me, is symbol of everything that is wonderful and tragic about America.

hello from houston...we launched ELVIS into space!!!!

I am among the select few who have seen Elvis. He was at a rib joint with 2 other old people, and he was wearing a velour jogging suit.

elvis is alive and glowing. all these years he has been studying to become a doctor. he works full time as a gastrointestinal radiologist in sausalito. i swear it, he made me drink some liquid barium....

I've been to Graceland.This rocks! The church of Elvis will be a dominant social force in the next millenium!

This was kind of fun, but I think Elvis is alive

Can't wait to show my Dad.

I look forward to procrastinating on my term papers while reading these pages. You have given me spiritual fodder. Bless you. Long live Elvis, the once and future King!

Of course Elvis is alive, I saw him in the beer isle at the store

I saw him once, I really did. He lives in a modest two-bedroom bungalow in beautiful downtown.... Do you think I'd really tell you? Hunka hunka hunka

FOR SALE: PHOTOGRAPHS of Elvis in Concert at Mabee Center, Tulsa,Ok 1973 e:mail,

I saw Elvis last week at an Ice-T concert! And my wife saw him in the women's bathroom at the Wal-marts...! Do we get a reward? I really saw him....I DID!!!! get that damn white jacket away!

I saw Elvis yesterday at McDonalds here in Skovde, Sweden. He ordered two McFeasts and three Milkshakes. Just thought I'd let you know!

They shoulda used the old fat Elvis on the stamp... that way there is more Elvis to love!

Hi, my radio station (Radio Kristianstad, in Sweden) plays an Elvis song EVERY HOUR! We love the King! How bout that?!

I saw Elvis bugee-jumping from the tyne bridge, Newcastle upon tyne.

The King is alive and well and surfing the 'Net. On the Internet, no-one can see you shooting the monitor while eating a banana pudding!

Hi to all ! I've just seen in a shopping mall (the biggest of europe) nearby Vienna, Austria Elvis' last caddillac which was very exciting. He bought it in 1974 till his death. It's a kind of Elvis exhibition going on there with some interesting things.

elvis is alive and well in austin! we see his island every summer. no kidding! really you gotta see it to belive it. i'm totally serious.

I believe Elvis' twin brother Jesse Garon didn't actually die at birth and that there were in fact two Elvis's -- the good twin and the bad twin. The bad twin took the drugs and died fat and bloated. The good twin lived and tours as an elvis impersonator. Just a hunch.


I'm visiting for my sister-in-law who loves elvis.


I have been a fan all my life. I saw him 10 times in person and have a room in my house dedicated to him. I shook his hand, have a picture of me doing it and have two scarves off his neck from the Rochester Concert in 1977. I think he is the best ever, is not alive, he would not do that to his fans...

My brother said he saw him at a New Year's party

As long as there is velvet, the King will live on...


I saw Elvis surfin the net

Australians are the next biggest Elvis fans on this planet after Americans.

I live in Northern Sweden in Umee. Elvis has always been my idol. I love his music.

we saw elvis here in hungary...he conducted the service for michael jackson in budapest this summer, but he was a bit pissed that his daughter was the bride.

Of course, Elvis is dead now. He committed suicide when he found out about Lisa Marie and Michael Jackson.

I just moved to Memphis 2 weeks ago because Elvis is from here. I worship and pray to Elvis every day. Most people go to church on Sunday: I get my Elvis albums out and sing along and talk to his spirit. I keep an Elvis coin in my pocket for good luck, I surround myself with the image of Elvis for inspiration, and a "Velvet Elvis" travels with me wherever I go for protection. Elvis is GOD! I must go now. Time for me to eat some pork chops smothered in gray poupon mustard.

I saw Elvis last month in an art gallery in Newport, Oregon.

We know that Elvis is alive and well working at the 7 Eleven in king street newtown. It's good to see his image survive and prosper on the web. The money raised from any "copyright infringments" could be put towards redesign of a new elvis virtual laboratory so that all people can experience the pleasure of being THE KING.


I just saw him.. He and two guys who looked just like him jumped out of an airplane and landed in our stadium here at Rice University in Houston.

Elvis was my dad, Madonna is my mother and Satan lets me call him Gramps.

reading this reminded me of a really good Elvis concert I attended in 1972 in Charlotte, NC.

Better than Cats. I'd see it again and again.

elvis is alive somewhere. I have to say that. I was born in mississippi. They program us to say that at birth.

I was kissed by "THE KING" when I was thirteen years old. I also have a napkin that he used to wiped his sweaty brow.

I love Elvis, I wish I could be on a stamp, too

I love Elvis, and I think that I saw him the other day coming out of a tube (of smarties)!.

I smelled him once, outside of a burger king in New Mexico.

Elvis is a chef at a chinese restaurant in Toledo, Ohio. He makes a mean Moo Goo Gai Pan.

i think he's dead

Elvis Ain't dead. I've seen him.

the king is dead


did you ever notice that "lives" is an anagram of "elvis"?...i heard a rumour that bill gates is trying to purchase elvis presley enterprises...

I'm visiting for my sister-in-law who loves elvis.

I've seen him!! Keep on rocking. Everything goes back to the King.

I hear Elvis was in Jackson MS recently in a White Caddy


I've seen Elvis. Late at night he roams the upper peninsula of Michigan in three foot long snow shoes wearing all of the vestiments necesarry to do satelite repair. I asked how the king acquired his current line of employment. He told me "The world's a stage, and we all must play a part. Fate had me playing in love...but now I just like tinkering with satelites." I looked at him, bewildered. After a few awkward moments, he added, "You know, I can talk to E.T. with these things." He then vanished over a nearby snowbank. Just thought I'd let you know.

i am speechless, just saw him at walgreens


My wife saw Elvis in concert once.

uh huuuuu .. Thank you very much. Does anyone have a banana cream sandwich? uh huuuu... Ahhm thu king

I saw elvis not far from here recently. He was singing songs and selling old children's books.

I'm glad you have this space for the King. I was just speaking to him this morning and he remarked how super it looked!!!

elvis does in fact live !

I'm originally from Tupelo, so naturally, I'm an Elvis fan. My mom and dad were both at the 1956(?) concert at the Tupelo fair grounds, although they didn't meet each other for several more years.

I love Elvis! I've never actually physically been to Graceland, but I sensed Elvis at a truck stop in Kentucky once. I believe he likes Al Gore. Plus, the mold on this apple in my fridge looks like it has the King's sideburns.

Actually I saw Elvis today, he's alive and well and living in Dunedin, New Zealand, and daily drives his Caddy up to the top of Signal Hill to look at the view. I know because I was watching him through a telescope from pillar 'A' on the Arts Block roof.

I saw the King in a small store in Cordova, AK, three years ago. He left before I realized it was him.I went outside and looked but he wasn't around. Very strange indeed.

I was serious when I said I thought I saw the King. However, I really do think that he is dead. But, if he were alive, this town would be the perfect place for him to hide out. I used to work summers in Cordova, AK, in a fish processing plant. The only way into and out of the town is either by boat or by plane. The town is fairly small and most people mind their own business. If Elvis grew a beard, he would fit right in and no one would know the difference. The person I saw did not have a beard and I thought he looked a lot like Elvis. He had the same facial features and was sporting the long side burns. The hair was mostly gray, but was still fairly thick. I only saw him for a few seconds before he left the store I was in. At the time I thought to myself, "Hey that guy looks like Elvis." So I went outside to see where he went. He was nowhere to be seen. The whole "fleeting glance and disappearing act" scenario made me think that it must have been the King. Besides it made a good story to tell the people I worked with. I never saw the guy the the rest of the summer. Maybe he was a tourist, or . . . maybe, just maybe, it was Him.

Elvis, if you are online somewhere in the United States, I just wanted to let you know that my mother really enjoyed your music, too bad she could live to see the day that ELVIS joined the Cyberspace World.

I don't know what to say...I hate Elvis Presley

I saw Elvis the other day in Las Vegas- He is alive, and will always be the king!

Believe it or not, I met Elvis o ne day in Vegas back in the early 70's. I managed to scoop backstage passes from a show. What an experience...I'll never forget the length of his inseam on those pants, it was magnificent.

Last year I went to a travelling Elvis museum and I saw Elv is's toe nail and a growth extracted from his hand. Nothing has ever moved me in this way.

I believe that Elvis really died at a young age, shortly after the "black leather" concert. Any other incarnations of Elvis (i.e. Las Vegas polyester) were only imposters.

Elvis is alive and well, he living in Tokyo, Japan.

Lived in Whitehaven (home of Graceland) in summer of '71. Saw Elvis on his cycle one night...and ain't been the same since.

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