Livio wrote a story in Italian about Elvis and parallel universes, entitled Heartbreak Hotel / L'Hotel dei Cuori Spazzati. You can jump right to the tale, or read Livio's English introduction below.

Is Elvis really dead? I don't think so, and not because he's living somewhere in disguise, but just because of the many-worlds interpretation of reality. According to quantum theorist Hugh Everett, for any situation in which several different outcomes are possible (Elvis collapsed in the bathroom and died while being taken to the hospital, for instance), all outcomes actually occur, which means that back in 1977, in the same instance but in another universe -- parallel to ours and coexsisting in this 1998 as well -- Elvis was successfully treated and is "now" well and alive. But that's not the end of the story, as "in order to accomodate different outcomes without contradiction" an infinite number of universes spring every instant into being, identical in every detail except for the single outcome (either trivial or definitely important) that originated them. In another instance Elvis is a retired truck driver, and in another he's singing C&W in a ballroom with his twin brother, and in another he's divorcing his fifth wife...But since he was born, slightly different copies of himself have been constantly splitting into further copies, and so on, which ultimately (I mean, in this grey 1998) have become unrecognizable and can't get contacted, as the multiworlds coincide without corresponding. No, Elvis is not dead, perhaps in "this" universe there is no longer a "copy" of his as we have known Elvis, but "somewhere" else, right now, he's just laughing aloud reading a science fiction story in which the author tells about his tragic departure 21 years ago... ~~Livio Horrakh~~

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