Andrea H. Berman



Fall, 1998SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS, New York, New York
Division of Continuing Education
Graphic Design I
1994TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY, College Station, Texas
Master of Science in Industrial Engineering
Major: Human Factors Engineering, Minor: Statistics; Engineering Management
Recipient of the Rockwell International Competitive Scholarship; G.P.A.: 3.91
President, Human Factors and Ergonomics Society - Texas A&M University Student Chapter
1992TUFTS UNIVERSITY, Medford, Massachusetts
Bachelor of Science
Major: Astrophysics, Minor: Russian
Recipient of the N. Hobbs Knight Prize Scholarship in Physics; G.P.A.: 3.51


October, 1998 Freelance Human Factors Specialist
ActionWorld, Inc., New York, New York
  • Incorporated human-computer interaction (HCI) and usability issues into an online questionnaire for beta testers of a multi-player gaming Web site.
  • Analyzed questionnaire data.
  • Recommended design changes based on questionnaire results and professional experience.
June, 1998Freelance Human Factors Specialist
Ecco Design, New York, New York
  • Participated in brainstorming sessions for next generation Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) design prototypes.
  • Researched usability issues related to hand-held devices.
  • Provided ergonomic and human factors design suggestions, based on known usability standards, research, and professional experience.
March, 1998Freelance Human Factors Specialist
Ecco Design, New York, New York
  • Integrated usability testing methods into focus group sessions for prototype computer joystick designs.
  • Developed, administered, and analyzed subjective questionnaire rating the joysticks.
  • Provided expert opinion on the various prototypes and summarized user feedback for incorporation into a new joystick design.


1998-PresentSenior Human Factors Specialist, User Interface Design Group,
Transaction Information Systems, New York, New York
  • Introduce human factors philosophies and methods into the corporate culture. Design and conduct usability evaluations for large-scale, financial industry Web sites. Collect and analyze both quantitative and qualitative data and make design recommendations based on test results and usability standards.
  • Serve as in-house human factors consultant. Examples include:
    • User interface requirements development for a Web publishing and site management application.
    • Document layout redesign suggestions for a downloadable financial report.
  • Participate in graphic design brainstorming sessions. Design interface concepts in Adobe Photoshop. Implement interface prototypes in HTML, JavaScript, and/or Lingo.

1996-1997Senior Associate Engineer
1995Associate Engineer, Human Interfaces Department,
Lockheed Martin Space Mission Systems & Services, under contract to NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas
  • Designed and conducted Shuttle and Space Station hardware and software usability evaluations. Analyzed resultant data, authored documentation, and made design recommendations. Evaluation process included task analysis, questionnaire design, and heuristic evaluations. Examples include:
    • Usability testing and follow-up paper/pencil walkthrough of in-house software tool
    • Usability testing of personal digital assistant prototype.
  • Storyboarded, developed, and user-tested Web-based, multimedia training applications.
  • Collaborated with diverse teams in order to conduct ergonomic evaluations of various Astronaut workstations, such as personal computer systems and robotics control stations.
  • Integrated human factors information from Russian Space Agency colleagues. Traveled internationally to share findings, to negotiate agreements, and to exchange technical information.

1993-1994Graduate Research Assistant
Texas Transportation Institute, College Station, Texas
  • Developed, managed, and conducted automobile driver performance study for National Cooperative Highway Research Board (NCHRB) as member of two-person team.
  • Performed statistical analysis of reaction time data from the study using SAS.
  • Contributed to final report for NCHRB.

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