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I had an idea. Every once in a while, I'll be changing the question on this survey and posting the results here on this page. I thought it would be interesting to see what you guys think about various non-Elvis related things. Previous survey results are below. So here's Question Number 5:

What do you think would be a good survey question for me to post here?
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Results of Previous Surveys
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Survey 1: Do you believe life exists elsewhere in the universe right now? Why?

The "Religious" row in the table below is for the responses that involved religious beliefs and belief in a divine Creator. You can see that people who brought up religion answered yes, no, and maybe... The 68 total responses came from at least 7 different countries. Thanks for responding!


According to this survey of the general American population, an average of 39% of the American public believes in the existence of other life in the universe. In my survey of Elvis believers, that percentage jumps up to 81%!

Survey 2: Do you believe in the concept of marriage? Why or why not?

The religious row in the table below is for the responses that involved religious beliefs and belief in a divine Creator. The 137 total responses came from at least 11 different countries. Thanks for responding!


There were a few themes that kept coming up in the responses. Many people said that to raise happy, well-adjusted children, they need to see the kind of commitment between their parents that marriage stands for. People both for and against same-sex marriages wrote in. And interestingly, more than one person brought up the fact that when marriage entered civilization, with its "til death do us part," the average life span was about 35 years. These people feel that "til death do us part" is a lot more unrealistic today.

But I am happy to report that the majority of responses were positive and hopeful, and this world has a whole lot of romantic souls roaming around it.

Survey 3: Who's your favorite character from "The Brady Bunch," and why?

MarciaAlice Jan Greg Peter Cindy Tiger Bobby Raquel* Sam The Sofa** Total
22201410 6 5 2 1 1 1 1 83

* One person voted for "Raquel the Goat," and I'm assuming that's the goat that Greg's football team stole from the opposing team.
** Yes, one person voted for the sofa in the den/TV room. This voter said that the sofa had more acting talent than the rest of the cast combined.

Nobody voted for Carol or Mike (and understandably so...). More comments and people's explanations of their choices are coming soon!

Survey 4: Did the Heaven's Gate people move on to a higher plane of being and meet up with a UFO when they committed mass suicide at the end of March, 1997?

Well, after leaving this up for many months, I finally got a handful of people saying that maybe, just maybe, they met up with that UFO and are now surfing the universe with their asexual bodies. The rest of the replies ranged from, "Hell, no!" to religious rants to people asking what this had to do with Elvis...

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