Crossing the Horizon: Deconstructing Eno

It’s amazing what you can run across by accident.In the process of cleaning up some old mail, I came across a reference to the Dartmouth College Electro-Acoustic Music group. Idly looking there, I found MP3′s of a project in which “Triennale” (from Eno’s “The Shutov Assembly”) was reprocessed and reimagined by five students. The results are fascinating.Kyoko Kobayashi’s A Frog Named Brian combines tree frogs, retuned bits of ambiance, and pure computerklangfarben into a completely new piece. Masaki Kubo’s Eno Desuka starts off with quiet time-travel quotes and veers off into happily detuned weirdness, sliding slowly back into the quiet. En-o-scope, by Steve Pierce, shows us a picture of the inside of the atoms making up the original piece – a tight, complex and gorgeous space. Bruno Ruviaro’s Sal de Fruta combines a wandering shivery fragility with ghosts of the original track, adding a spoken track that fits just right. The final version, sTEfan Tomic’s one + 1.7×103, combines brittle indistrial hums with excerpts from the original received over a broken shortwave receiver.All highly recommended. Go get ‘em now.

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