Crossing the Horizon: Harry Haecker

Harry was one of my favorite folks from EMUSIC-L; enthusiastic, experimental, and always ready to try something new. An idle Google turned up his music page with several pieces available there.I wish MP3′s had been available while EMUSIC-L was running; Harry’s got some fine stuff here. Everything from “Yolobro” (think Kronos Quartet plus Jack de Johnette and tasty plucked bass) through Enoesque ambience (“Taking Time to Make Love“) to mysterious swamp music (partly actually recorded in a swamp, from my recollection – “Spring Night“). Lots more. Recommended.

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  • sarahstravinska

    Hey. I have recently been thinking of Harry. I choreographed Spring Night to music that he composed for me. Yup it was partly done in a swamp because I wanted authentic noises from swamp critters…especially ‘gators. The creative energy was very high during the creation of this work. Never before have I trusted the Muse so much, allowing the work to unfold rather than try to force or wrangle it out. It turned out really fine.

  • Hello — it gladdens me to no end to know you liked the work, Sarah. I have much of my work online at SoundCloud, including Spring Night. I only wish I could have stayed in Lafayette to work with you more. I know the chances of you seeing this are slim; will try to find you through other means. Love, Harry

  • Harry, I remember you as a little kid in that big, wild, cluttered, happy house of your family in Augusta, Georgia. Helen said you were a piano protegy and would do great things. Yea! We moved from Maryland in my senior year of high school and Georgia was such a culture shock–your sister Helen was my good friend then. I think Hester or Ester (forget her name) was married and in medical school? It was 1973-4. Have any idea how I can get in touch with Helen?
    ended up with a Kentucky boy
    in Lexington,KY

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