A surfeit of options

I hadn’t really looked around for a while at my computer synthesis options. It turns out the a surprising number of things that I had tried previously under Mac OS 9 were now available under OS X and working much better than before. There’s a lot more open-source and free software available now.

jMax is a pretty good implementation of Cycling ’74′s Max/MSP. It’s not a complete implementation, but since it is open-source, there are a lot of folks working on it and contributing to it. I’m hoping to be able to contribute to this project.

SuperCollider is now a free program, both the 2.x versions for Mac OS 9, and the 3.x versions for OS X. I’ve not been able to get any noise out of the OS X version yet; I’m trying to understand the architecture (client/server) – obviously I’m making some silly mistake. [Update: press the numeric keypad enter key, not the carriage return to enter data. D'oh.]

PD is another MAX-like program that I haven’t yet had time to work with, though it looks interesting as well.

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